The "BIG EYE",

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3. Big picture of the


The end of Head-ache and Eye-pain!

The end of poor quality of optical inspection!

- Get a view through the lens with both eyes! - distortionfree optics - designed for all-day-use, - complies/see EU-worker protection regulation - true colors of magnified objects - paralax-error-free magnification - very high inspection yield!
-lens 300 cm², (diameter approx 19cm) -optical Glass, crownwhite -Armlength approx 1 m -sturdy and very durable metal-construction -can be mounted left, right or at the rear side of a table -electronic powered, no low frequency stroboscope-effects at 62400 -Illuminated power switch, double pole -for all applications: 3 diopters for every-day and 4 diopters for MIL-standard

p/n. 62400-3Di with Electronics, stroboscopefree p/n. 62400-4Di with Electronics, stroboscopefree p/n 62500-3Di with Electronic Ballast and Dimmer 3Di = 3 Diopters, 4Di = 4 Diopters acc. to Mil-Std
spare-lamps: p/n. 13363 34W sparelamp fluorescent glarefree glarefree came true due to a special gascomposition in the bulb the reflexions from the object will be reduced for about 60%

or LED with Dimmer: daylight white or UV - Ultraviolett

optional: p/n. ES400 Antireflexion coating of the lens p/n. 11501 dust cover (protection from dust and sunlight)
shipment: BIG EYE includes
13 363 "Glare-free-bulb" and 11461 table clamp

Common fixtures: p/n. 11461 Table clamp (standard included) p/n. 11464 Heavy duty, double wide p/n. 11462 Wall mount p/n. 11463 Screw down fixture max gap of 11461 & 11464: 55mm Mounting Instruction:

The Wall Mount 11462 MANDATORY has to mounted that the flat side is showing UP.

Any other mounting might end in a break of the Mount and this can lead into damage of the magnifier and even in injury by a falling magnifier.


Options: Dust cover, Screw-down-fixture, Heavy duty clamp-double wide, wall mount, diffent bulbs, custom color painting (min. 24 pcs.)
Eyestrain is a thing of the past, low inspection yield even after short use of smaller lenses are eliminated. 230 V, 50 Hz, ISO 9000, Made in Austria. available also in 110V
Major applications: Inspection and magnification of: Solder paste print, SMT-adhesive print SMT Placement, Wave and reflow soldering results Rework & repair income & shipping Precision mechanics and many more ISO 9000,
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