The next generation of fiberoptic-cold-light-sources
Die nächste Generation von Fiberoptik- Kaltlichtquellen

Welcome the worlds leading microscope lights. Our illumination products fit most microscopes on the market (both new and old) including: Leica, Meiji, Nikon, Olympus, Unitron, Wild and Prior products.
Since its inception, Micro-Lite has led the industry in producing variable, glare-free light that helps our users work without eye fatigue. Please take a moment to order our Free product catalog or ask us specific questions about our products.

Because of the care that goes into making Micro-Lite® products, we can offer the best warranty in the industry with an unconditional guarantee.



Leading glarefree and flickerfree illumination for microscopes, fully dimmable from 100 - 25%



The dimmable LED-Light, fully dimmable 100% - 0%,

High-Power LED,

extremely energyfriendly



Leading glarefree and flickerfree illumination for microscopes, dimmable in 2 positions


A great success!

Mounted on i.e. Leica® or Olympus® microscopes, will steal you no space around the microscope!

Excellent illumination of objects!


FL 1000 mounted on Bausch&Lomb microscopes gives excellent results!

FL 3000a

High power cold light source with glassfiber-ringlight,



May illuminate up to 50 cm!



High power cold light source with glassfiber-goose neck


High Output!
We believe the key to success is to combine exceptional design, leading-edge technology, and superior components. Our microscope lights consistently deliver pin-point accuracy without glare.

The result of our innovation has been a dimmable fluorescent bulb that completely eliminates flicker and related eye fatigue. Snap-in replacement bulbs easily slide safely in and out of the housing.

Customer response to our products has been overwhelming. Many Leica® and Olympus®customers, the worlds leading microscope manufactures, have chosen Micro-Lite® to supply their illumination components.

We are redesigning this site to help you find information about the right product for your needs. Please return soon for complete Micro-Lite product information and more. Until then, send for our free product catalog or get more information about our products. Thank you.


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